House Rules for Hand & Foot

I played Hand and Foot many years ago, however, I quickly discovered there are  numerous variations of Hand and Foot and no “official” or standard rules published on the Internet. These house rules are a compilation of several of the most popular ways to play the game.

Using the base rule set written by Steve Simpson and including variations published by John McLeod, Bill Whitnack, and Brian Brouillette it is my hope that you will find these house rules balanced and comprehensive enough to cover any “what if” scenarios while remaining flexible enough to build in your own style of play.

Download full rule set here: Hand and Foot – Framily Game Knights House Rules

ArcheAge Stuff

Races & Factions

Meliran’s Complete Archeage Leveling Guide

World Map

Mouse & Keyboard Controls

Top 5 Builds/Classes

Daggerspell Overview:…
Daggerspell Build:…
Daggerspell Gameplay:…

Primeval Overview:…
Primeval Build:…
Primeval Gameplay:…

Darkrunner Overview:…
Darkrunner Build:…
Darkrunner Gameplay:…

Templar Overview:…
Templar Build:…
Templar Gameplay:…

Skullknight Overview:…
Skullknight Build:…
Skullknight Gameplay:…

Fishing Guide


Underwater Breathing Device

ARMA III Dedicated Servers

bravosquare TAW Bravo MisDev
(Private mission development server for Bravo squad)

PORT: 2302

Required Mods: AllInArmaTerrainPack_AM1, CBA_AM1, TAW_Content_AM1, TAW_Div_Core, TAW_Maps_AM1

The Art of Warfare is a home for those tired of compromise. This is an organization of loyal and dedicated members that hold each other to the highest standards. Surround yourself with people that think first of the greater good and understand the meaning of teamwork. Join a clan of like-minded gamers, but also find a family. Join TAW

Public Servers

ARMA 3 Mod Stuff

ShackTac Mod Info

CBA: Community Based Addons for Arma 3

ShackTac User Interface

Mission Tutorials

RHS Weapons Mod

JTAC and Team leader CAS1 can call for Close Air Support.
UAV Operators can call for air dropped UGV and launch parachute camera by firing a white flare from 203 grenade launcher.
Engineer can build a FARP to repair, rearm and flip vehicles if he has a Bobcat or Repair Truck close by.
EOD and Engineers have scroll option for visible mine detector with proximity sound.
Medics can build a small sandbag wall to provide cover.
Team Leader CAS1 can call for squad heli evac.
Sniper, Marksmen and Spotter classes can enable/disable bullet cam.

Once converted to folder form, put the mission folder in directory equivalent:
C:\Users\WindowsUserName\Documents\Arma 3 – Other Profiles\Jigsor\MPMissions
Create the MPMissions folder if you don’t have one in this directory equivalent: C:\Users\WindowsUserName\Documents\Arma 3 – Other Profiles\Jigsor
Its now accessible to edit within editor GUI from main menu: -Multiplayer -New -Select Island -Select mission -Edit.
After saving your edit from within editor the new mission.pbo can be found in game directory equivalent:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\MPMissions

Simple AI Recruitment Dialog / Script
CH Mobile Headquarters
Dynamic AI Spawn System
Close Air Support Field System

More Scripts [random tasks]

Sector Control Example



TAW vision script

BON Recruit Units

BTC Quick Revive

Task Master

Sector Control

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